Call of Duty Has Changed For the Best

Andrew Notaro, Staff reporter

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Have you ever heard young adults or children in their teens complain about the past four games called Call of Duty? Well, l being at the age of seventeen, I hear kids complain all the time about how unrealistic the past few games have been. The latest Call of Duty is based on World War II.

The games have been made for entertainment with the companies designing features like jetpacks and double jumping, but many Call of Duty fans were upset due to the fact that they went too far and did not keep it simple. A senior at St. Francis High School, Ben Insalaco said, “This game is so much better without the advancements, and I am glad that they kept the boots on the ground.” By “boots on the ground,” Ben means he is happy they did not add the double- jumping nonsense. For a game that came out a month ago, it has already sold 7.9 million copies, whereas a game that was made a year ago has 12 million copies made-that is 61% of that game’s total, and it has not even hit the holiday season. That means parents will be buying their kids copies of this game for gifts, which will make the sales increase. A junior from Frontier High School, Joe Kourt said, “I sold my Playstation because the Call of Duty games were terrible, but once I heard the company Sledgehammer say that the game will be more realistic, I bought an Xbox One to play it with my friends.”

This game brings hope to the players that the next few Call of Duty games are going to be the same simple and realistic concept. The sales and ratings will skyrocket like the older games. Many teens and young adults will continue loving this game and its series, if it is made to their standards.

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