Star of Broadway, Hamilton Review

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Star of Broadway, Hamilton Review

Aiden Phillips, Staff reporter

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It is the best musical I have ever seen.

“What?” you must be asking, “Better than Phantom? Les Misérables? How can a rap musical about a founding father be better than those masterpieces?”  Trust me, by the end of this review you will be wishing you got your tickets at Shea’s Performing Arts Center.

Hamilton, written and performed by (In the Broadway version) Lin Manuel Miranda, is a hip-hop musical that tells the tragic tale of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers and massive political influencer through the late and early 16th and 17th centuries.

Hamilton opens with one of the most brilliant openers ever brought to the stage. The number, adequately called “Alexander Hamilton,”, tells you the story of his life. It uses this moment to establish almost every main character that will be presented in the play, and also give some background on someone that many know close to nothing about, but most importantly it gives foresight into how he will end, and at the hands of another main character, Aaron Burr.

This song is fantastically used to establish character and tone, but most importantly style. The main thing that separates Hamilton from many other musicals is its seemingly out-of-place elements, especially in respect to its music and cast. While the way Hamilton is choreographed is above average to say the least, its ‘wow’ factor of cast and music stand above it. Hamilton, as established previously, is a hip hop musical, portraying a time and place so far in the past recording technology did not even exist, a new America. Now most would probably think like local resident Douglas Phillips, “Their is no way it can be that good, the time periods are so different it’s probably just weird and awkward.” But after showing him the opening act he said, “That is one of the most brilliant pieces of music I have ever heard.” Hamilton not only knows that most will think this way, but hopes for it. Those who are skeptical will be blown out of the water with the amazing songwriting and melodies that go into these hip-hop verses. The way Hamilton beautifully blends together modern and old language with the theme of 17th century America makes you love listening to it, and when it’s over, it leaves you wanting more.

The musical uses common numbers throughout the play as well, With beats and melodies established in the first act returning in later songs in clever and unique ways. Marcy Jo, local mega-fan, describes why this is her favorite part, “the returning beats are probably my favorite part of the musical, the beats are so unique to this musical, and the wordplay used within them that changes but keeps the same theme is awesome.” The beats and melodies are recognizable through the play because they stick to a theme, and that’s what makes them brilliant. For example, whenever King George is about to do a number, his unique piano theme plays beforehand, causing excitement because you know his character is going to do another number.

Hamilton is a masterpiece through and through. Its flaws that may be pointed out are so small in number they are immediately subdued by everything previously mentioned. The musical is a must see for everyone that has any interest in musicals whatsoever. Hamilton is the best musical I have ever seen, it was life changing for my, and I have no doubt it will be for anyone else who sees it.


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