Winner takes two

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Alyssa Cole, Staff reporter

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Tonight Buffalo will face off against one of their biggest rivals to try to stay atop the Atlantic Division. That team is none other than the Toronto Maple Leafs. As of now, Buffalo was on a ten game win streak, but just lost to the Tampa Bay Lighting and The Nashville Predators in regulation, while gaining a point from the Florida Panthers over the weekend with an overtime loss. Now, they are coming home to take on the Maple Leafs. OPHS freshman Mary Hanlon said, “They will win because they are going to want to make a comeback due to losing against Tampa [and others].” With only 100 miles between their two arenas, they are known as one of the biggest rivalries in the NHL. The rivalry just doesn’t end there. When the fans get into the building, they are still going crazy. Sabres fan and junior Brooke Becker said, “ I hope the Sabres win; that would be insane. The fans would love it because we are all about the sports.” She ended by saying,  “A little rivalry goes a long way.” The Toronto Maple Leafs fans pile in one by one and usually by the time the game starts; at least one fourth of the arena will be Toronto Maple Leafs fans. When Maple Leafs start to win, their fans go crazy and get Sabres fans riled up, resulting in screams and even sometimes brawls. With both teams atop the Atlantic Division and only a few points apart, it will be a super exciting game. One big name heading into the night will be Jeff Skinner, who is the left wing for the Buffalo Sabres. Skinner is tied for first place with the most goals in the NHL. That means a lot because this team finished in the bottom last year. The other is Mitch Marner from the Leafs, who plays right wing and is also atop the NHL with points and assists. It just so happened that he is above Jack Eichel, whom the Sabres drafted second overall, and the Maple Leafs snapped up Marner fourth overall. This leads to some people wondering who is really the better player (at least for tonight), which we can only find out when the game rolls around. These two players are helping their team to wins and stay on top of  the division, which can get very intense with teams constantly moving around. With this being a home game, if the Sabres manage to pull off a  win with the other two top teams in the NHL, the Predators and Lighting, Key Bank Center will be rocking come Tuesday, December 3. Until then, all Buffalo can do is pray and chant “Let’s Go Buffalo!” See you at the game.

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