Buffalo, NY: a pizza destination


Kate Hennessey, Zach Mecca, Molly McGowan, and Marnique Oliveri-Panepento

Coming straight from Italy, pizza has been an influential food since 997 CE in Gaeta. Some of the most famous cities for pizza are Chicago and New York, but Buffalo has been gaining more and more deserved fame. It is praised for its underrated quality and tastiness. In a recently published ranking, Travel + Leisure describes Buffalo’s pizza as, “a distinct mix between Chicago and New York-style pies… To truly experience Buffalo’s distinct food scene, order a Buffalo-style pizza topped with Buffalo chicken.” In his new book, Arthur Bovino poses the question, “Is America’s Pizza Capital Buffalo, New York?” He says, “I’m going out on the line and putting a decade of pizza cred built by writing about and visiting hundreds of pizzerias in New York City and across America to say that Buffalo-style pizza is America’s most under-appreciated regional style,” He goes on to say how you can not find Buffalo Style pizza anywhere else. Buffalo pizza reaches more people per pizzeria. The city has more than 600 pizzerias serving its population of 256,000 people. Comparatively, New York City has about 1,600 for its population of 8.538 million. So, Buffalo has one pizzeria for every 428 people while New York City has one for every 5336. Buffalo pizza is very special to all its residents and will continue to be one of the pizza capitals of the country.

We interviewed students at Orchard Park High School about their favorite pizzeria in the area, 28 females and 19 males. There were two freshmen, one sophomore, 23 juniors, 17 seniors, and six adults. Our results were that Leo’s won by two more votes than Capelli’s, with Ricotta’s not far behind the two. Cheese and pepperoni were the top two toppings, with 45 kids saying cheese and 46 saying pepperoni. In addition to cheese and pepperoni, five people said they like mushrooms, three said sausage, three said olives, three said chicken finger and three said white pizza. Four people said peppers and one said onions. Only nine of 50 people said that the toppings differ from place to place. Pineapple on pizza is a very controversial topic, and 17 people stuck by the unpopular opinion that pineapple is acceptable on pizza. Pizza is very important to the citizens of Western New York and there is some of the best pizza in the country here.