Journey to Endgame

Big Game Spot


Em Rush, Managing Editor

Superbowl Weekend was about a month ago, and I don’t know about you, but I thought the game was lackluster at best-but that wasn’t what I was watching for; instead a barrage of fun entertainment wrapped up in a million dollar commercial spots was what I was sitting on the couch hoping to see. Of course, this year did not disappoint, but more than funny advertisements it was the trailer for Avengers: Endgame that I was looking forward to.

Back when I decided that I wanted to make a series that leads up to that monumental event, I had trouble selecting just where I should start. Iron Man seemed like the right place, but I have neither the time nor the money to go and watch all eighteen MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies and give a review of each one. The newest trailer seemed like a great place to start, because it’s fresh, it’s current, and it contains further information that we can pick apart together. So here it goes.

I was talking to some of my friends at lunch today, and they had some pretty interesting theories. One thought that everyone would live happily ever after (don’t worry I shut down that optimistic kind of talk) and the other believed that everyone who vanished is in the soul stone (which I said was barely an original theory at all because that’s probably what’s going to happen). We all agreed that either Captain America or Iron Man was sure to meet their poetic end, but we disagreed about things like; Loki’s death, Thanos’ next moves, how true the producers were going to stay to the comics. But I digress.

The Big Game trailer was a short amount of time filled with a bunch of new information. Most of it, I plan to put out into the open right here, and right now.

So let’s start at the beginning; one of the first things we see is a bunch of black, white, and red footage rapid fire. It’s so quick that you might miss it, but if you take it frame by frame, you’ll notice that it highlights all of the characters who were killed during the Decimation. Thanks to the New Rockstars youtube channel; it has been discovered that the sequence goes in reverse order from which the characters were killed off. With Wasp first and Vision last. Each frame does not come from Infinity War, but rather an important moment in their cinematic history. Hope Van Dine when her suit is unveiled in the first Ant-Man. Nick Fury is stepping off the helicopter in Avengers, and Peter Parker is catching Captain America’s suit in the Civil War. And for all of you theorists out there, perhaps the red highlights give the nod to the reality stone. I suppose we just have to find out.

Next, let’s take a look at the wide shots of New York city we get. The classic cityscape looks less than inspiring as it is cloaked within a vail of thick fog. The color palette is a dismal blue-grey, a contrast to the beautiful sunny shots the series has previously offered. Liberty Island is surrounded by a web of docked boats, big and small. And Steve Rogers attends a support group for friends/family of the decimated. What does this all mean? Well, in my opinion, a chunk of time has passed since we’ve last seen our favorite heroes. How long? I don’t know, but I doubt that the entire movie will take place minutes after that last scenes of Infinity War. The first words of the trailer we hear are “Move on” so let’s guess that whatever acceptable grieving period for a tragedy like this, has passed.

Tony and Nebula alone in space; that’s a hopeless picture to imagine as they both have very emotional pasts with their families and with their teams. But here they are, strangers in the final frontier. In the first Endgame trailer, Tony sat alone sending a message back to earth, not knowing if Pepper had survived. Only the light of the stars in the galaxy framed him; it was depressing. But here he seems to have found the motivation to find his way back home, not unlike his self-rescue in the first edition of Iron Man.

Continuing, one of the more interesting shots in the film shows us Steve, Natasha, Bruce, and Rhodey walking into an empty field with their eyes focused on something beyond the camera’s view. There is a lot to break down here, the weird spacing of the characters (is someone missing), the likeness of the geography to the Citi Field stadium we saw earlier, and of course, who or what is coming? I think that it’s possible that a character is missing from this lineup and has been edited out for the sake of spoilers. Could is, be Captian Marvel? Someone new, or old? I don’t know, but I’m sure that leaving them out was an intentional decision. The location of the shot is just fascinating to me. We’ve seen the Avengers go all sorts of beautiful places, all which make a baseball stadium seem mundane. And our last question, “what’s coming?”, Is the biggest one of all. Some speculate it’s Thanos, Captian Marvel, Iron Man, or Adam. Whatever the outcome may be, it’s going to help the crew get their friends and family back.

For my last and final gutting of this trailer, let’s talk about time travel. At this point, we know that time is going to play some role in the movie; we know time has passed. But what else has it done? According to many theorists, the manipulation of time is the key to setting things right. There are countless ways for the team to achieve this, through alternate timelines, or going back in time itself. But here’s some evidence to help us out. First of all, let’s take a look at the shot of Cap tightening his shield. This one has leather straps, a crude variation of Tony’s superior technology. In the Civil War, the shield had a magnetic harness, and to my recollection, leather hasn’t been seen this visible since the first installment of the Cap franchise. We know that Ant-Man has been to (and as of Ant-Man and the Wasp is still in) the quantum realm.  Remember this is a place that exists outside of time and space, and Ant-Man does appear as a regular sized human in the Endgame trailer. How he got out and going back in could be significant clues about how the Avengers might save the day.

So, we just unpacked a HUGE amount of information, and I didn’t even go over everything I could have. There is so much to see and analyze before Endgame comes out, but I promise that we will dig through it all, together. Thanks for hanging in there. Stay tuned as I answer some of the world’s most pressing Endgame questions next week.