Senioritis: An epidemic

Senioritis: An epidemic

Emily Lewicki, Entertainment editor

Senioritis is a well-known plague that affects seniors as they wrap up their high school career. As they apply for college and move toward graduation, they supposedly become less capable of putting effort into their school work, becoming highly unmotivated. Many seniors describe the feeling as being “done” with high school; they’ve done everything they needed to do, even though high school is not technically over. Some of the signs of senioritis include but aren’t limited to:


-Lack of studying/homework completion

-Frequent naps

-Several absences

-Lack of attention in the classroom

-Lack of energy

What are the reasons for senioritis?

  1. Most seniors have obtained the “finish line mindset”- that they have already fulfilled the requirements for graduation and no longer have to put in the effort that they put in during their underclass years. Their acceptance to college is a “sign out.”
  2. Seniors are highly anticipating going to college and “getting out” of high school.
  3. Many seniors are in denial about graduation, and see it as a time where they will have to say goodbye to their best friends and social lives. As a result, senioritis occurs so they can live in the moment and stop the world for a while.
  4. By the time students become seniors, they become bored with the curriculum and only see it as requirements that they have to obtain, rather than a learning opportunity.

How is senioritis cured/managed?

  1. Prioritize- Choose what is important to you. Don’t overload your schedule with difficult classes, but don’t take the easy way out as well. Choose electives or classes that interest you. Choose extra-curriculars that truly interest you as well, and dedicate time and effort to those.
  2. Study- Make time to improve your study habits, even if it’s the last thing in the world that you want to do. It will make you reach the finish line in a positive way, and you’ll end your high school career strong.
  3. Live in the moment- Appreciate every second of your senior year. Before you know it, It will fly by and you will be on your way to wherever life’s journey will take you.