Goodbye summer, and welcome back to school!

Rae Owczarzak, Entertainment Editor

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School is here! Welcome the crowded halls and stairways, the early mornings and late nights, and the endless and tiring social interactions we all secretly dread. It seems we’re always rushing around from either a sport or music event while cramming in six different homework assignments from our teachers, with each claiming “it’ll only take you about fifteen minutes.” It’s never only fifteen minutes. Never. 

The drastic differences between summer and the school year are terrifying. One second you were easing yourself into your friend’s car for a ride to the beach, and the next, you’ve been thrust into a chaotic schedule filled with long hours in a rigid desk with a teacher you were not necessarily delighted to have.

Most high schoolers hold the idea of going back to school on the same level as going to the dentist. Sad, but true. 

Regardless, the fact is, not only is school not as painful as we seem to make it, in reality, it’s good for us. The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of fun or the termination of relaxed nights with friends. The presence of school can almost make the moments you spend enjoying yourself of higher value. It reminds us to have gratitude for our friends or a night bundled up in blankets while watching Game of Thrones. Having less free time teaches us to find pleasure and joy in the little things, and the capability of finding delight in small things can make a very happy person. Plus, there are days we actually do learn something new, or meet a new potential friend, or realize that, “wow, Biology is something I wouldn’t mind doing the rest of my life.” 

Though it’s difficult to find time to appreciate all the good school does for us while we’re drowning in our own stress, there’s always something positive to recall about it- like the satisfaction of a good grade, or the excitement of showing off a new outfit or pair of shoes, or even how they were serving tacos that day in the cafeteria. The point is, even though summer is over and school is now in session for the next nine months, try to salvage happiness in the small things and remember, it’s not all that bad. 

I mean, we’re not paying taxes yet, right?


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