“National Letter of Intent Signing Day”


Max Streety, Staff reporter

Recently, on November 13, 2019, six student athletes from Orchard Park High School participated in their school’s NLI signing event. Students in the picture are (left to right), Sophia Machowski (St. Bonaventure, Cross country) , Abby Ryan (Robert Morris, Volleyball), Brooke Becker (Providence, Hockey), Max Streety (Pace, Lacrosse ), Charlotte Tackasy (Charleton, Soccer), and Jaden Swaitek (Niagara, Softball). The NLI signing is an amazing day for committed athletes to officially sign to their school and be set for the next four years athletically and academically. Thousands of students across the US have participated in the early NLI signing. It’s a great opportunity to share with friends as they wish them luck at their schools. 

The six student athletes at OPHS were all very excited to sign as many of the students express their happiness. Many other friends of the student athletes attended as their friends signed. Both OPHS students Colden Braun and Zach Lippit say how were “happy to see them sign,” and that they “couldn’t wait” for their signing day respectively. Providence women’s hockey commit Brooke Becker said about signing that “it was a huge relief to sign and have everything finalized to go to Providence.”She went on to say, “I now know that all my years of hard work, heartbreak, and dedication has led me to this point, and I couldn’t be happier.” Brooke said she hopes to study biology and to hopefully get a masters to be a physical therapist. Relief and happiness seems to be the trend with all the athletes as all smiles are shown in the picture. Abby Ryan, a Robert Morris women’s volleyball commit, said that she was, “overwhelmed with happiness, and senior year will be much more enjoyable and relaxing.” All of the students’ parents attended the event, as well as the school’s principal and athletic director . All the student athletes have bright futures as well as hard roads taken to get where they are today. These students have been wished the best of luck by everyone they know and and will do great things at their college.