Streety Puts Pen To Paper

Jack Kinsman

All little kids dream of playing at the next level in their sport. College athletics is the place most athletes want to play. To achieve this goal, athletes find themselves putting in hours upon hours of work. Hopefully,  the day comes when an athlete gets to sign their National Letter of Intent. 

A National Letter Of Intent, or  NLI, is a big deal in high school. It’s a day for the family, the school, and most importantly the player, to celebrate his or her accomplishments to date and to look forward to the athlete’s college career. The student athlete sits will all the reps, his high school coach, and his family with a backdrop of their current high school. It is a very special day that will last a lifetime. 

Max Streety recently had the honor of having his signing day. Max is the number one faceoff guy and doubles as a midfielder on a very strong Orchard Park lacrosse team. On November 13, Streety signed his NLI to play at Pace University in New York City. 

“It means everything to me,” said Pace University commit Streety. “Signing is awesome. I get to continue the sport I love for another four years. Pace is right outside New York City, and I know all the commits from our class… and I can’t wait to get started.” 

Max’s work ethic is tremendous. Max spends hours at the turf during practice, after practice and in his free time honing his skills. He always wants  to improve his skills and be the best he could be. He will bring this very strong work ethic to a top Division II lacrosse team at Pace University. 

”Max is a great player,” said Orchard Park lacrosse parent Margot Vincent. “In the game you can see how hard he works and how important the game and his team are to him.” 

Along with his work ethic, Streety has the mind for the game and the focus to go with it. He understands the game and knows the things he has to focus on in practice to evolve his game to continue to get to the next level. 

“If you watch Streety’s work ethic and focus in practice, you would know right away why he dominates in games,” said OPHS junior midfielder/attackman Jack Neeson. “Just watch when he practices for faceoffs, you are not beating him, he knows it and his opponent know it.”

Another key part of Streety’s success is his leadership. Streety is very big on leading by example. If you watch him in practice, you will know what to do and how to act to elevate your game. He is one of those guys who sticks out in a good way, and you want to follow his lead. 

“Streety is someone that we all look up to,” said sophomore LSM (long stick midfielder) Kross Rapini. “His work ethic is crazy, and he is at the place in his athletic career that we all try and achieve and strive for.”

Streety’s performance and recognition of his hard work is starting to grab the eye of even the future stars of Orchard Park. Everyone knows that as classes graduate, the younger kids have to take over the program.

“Coming into the program this year it is very cool to see a varsity player moving onto the next level” said freshman Attackman Charlie Kinsman. “It is a great example of the program moving their players on.”

Streety’s dream of playing in college is becoming a reality with his signing. Many aspiring players, regardless of their sport, can look to his work ethic, leadership, and drive as they follow their dreams.