Freshman fears

Greg Jubulis, Staff reporter

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Making the transition to high school can be very difficult for some students.  There are all new teachers, a different learning environment, and an all new feel overall.  The stereotypical freshman on the first day of school consists of a frantic younger looking person with a full backpack running into his or her classes just as the bell rings.  A lot of freshmen are really nervous leading up to the first day of high school and have a variety of feelings. I will examine these feelings and fears that people had through Orchard Park High School.

A freshman at Orchard Park High School, Blake Schreiner, said, “I had a very hard time finding my classes.”  This right here is a common issue and fear for most incoming freshman. High schools are usually bigger than middle schools and can be intimidating for some.  It is especially intimidating when you go from being the biggest in the school to the smallest and feel very isolated being the new person. One thing you can do to overcome this fear is to visit the school before the first day for a few minutes with your schedule to find all your classes.  Sophomore Brady McGowan said, “A fear I had going into freshman year was not having friends in my classes.” High school is a lot different than middle school. There is more notetaking and a lot less interacting. Not having friends in your class is not as bad as you may think. You can look at it the other way around and say there are way [fewer] distractions and more learning going on.  Junior Connor Bowman said, “A fear I had was being judged and picked on by seniors.” I can’t emphasize this enough- “Freshman Friday is not a thing!” People are nicer than you think. Just because high school is a lot more independent than middle school doesn’t mean there aren’t teachers watching. You really think that a senior would shove a freshman into a locker knowing that he will most likely get in trouble?  Most seniors have better things to do than pick on little freshman. Also, most seniors don’t care about much and won’t judge you. Besides, most of your classes won’t even have seniors in them. Last but not least, senior Bryce Schreiner said, “I thought the teachers were going to be way more strict.” No, the teachers at high school or no more strict than the teachers at middle school. Most teachers were once typical high school students and were in your shoes before.  They went to college to learn how to teach and learn how to allow their students to learn as much as possible. They are people, too, and do have feelings. High school teachers want you to do your best and aren’t as scary as you may think. My father Greg Jubulis said, “I was nervous going into high school, but it ended up being a very memorable experience.” This is true for a lot of people.

High school is not as scary as you think.  It is known as “the best four years of your life” for a reason.  The amount of memories you make in high school is endless. The amount you learn is infinite.  Everybody has gotten through freshman year and so can you. There is no need to be fearful. Be excited.



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