Math Club brings in guest speaker to discuss aeronautical engineering

Math Club brings in guest speaker to discuss aeronautical engineering

Fiona Gibson, Staff reporter

On Monday, November 25, Elizabeth Feeley, a Notre Dame University alumnus, joined the Math Club in room 230 to talk about her career as an aeronautical engineer.  She is the daughter of Mrs. Feeley, a social studies teacher at Orchard Park High School.  

The purpose of this meeting was to show students real-world applications of math.  “I feel like we do a great job teaching [students] the sciences and mathematics but lack the time to show them application and usefulness and where this all goes,” said Mr. Dena, head teacher of the Math Club.   Many students think that this speech will be great for those interested in applying mathematics to real life.  “It’s cool that the Math Club [brought in] someone. It shows how math is useful for jobs,” said Sophia Quagliana, a sophomore at Orchard Park High School.  “I think that learning about aeronautical engineering will be really beneficial for those who want to go in the STEM field,” said junior Seth Gerwitz.  

Elizabeth Feeley talked about her job as an aeronautical engineer and how she uses math in her daily life.  The Math Club hopes this will help students realize how amazing and useful math really is.  Aeronautical engineering is a field of engineering focused on the development of spacecrafts and aircrafts.  Aeronautical engineers use their technical and practical skills to design, develop, test, and update devices and machines, such as passenger planes, fighter planes, helicopters, and space shuttles.  

“I hope it provides to the members an example of why they love math,” said Mr. Dena

Mr. Dena is a devoted math teacher at Orchard Park High School.  He strives to show his students how math can be fun and used in everyday life, which is why he chose Elizabeth Feeley to speak at the upcoming Math Club meeting.  In the future, Mr. Dena hopes to  establish a guest speaker series for the Math Club, so students can learn more about STEM careers.  “It’s a nice feature to the Math Club that I’ve been hoping for, almost like a speaker series, so I hope that’s the direction we can go in if this meeting is successful,” said Mr. Dena.