Tik Tok: The app that has been downloaded one billion times across the world

Lauren Basile, Staff reporter

As the world of technology and trends continues to grow, TikTok has been the groundbreaking app of 2020. Formally known as Musical.ly when the app launched in 2014, TikTok is used by over 500 million people that spend an average of 52 minutes each day on the app. This is yet another app to add to the technology-driven society and social networking community. 

The short lip-sync, dance, comedy, and relatable content has given celebrities, as well as ordinary teens, kids, parents, and even grandparents the platform to express themselves in an atmosphere where the sky’s the limit. It began to seem as though everywhere I went there would be someone talking about the app. I told myself that I wouldn’t be “that girl” that downloads TikTok and becomes addicted, but like most other people that have the app would say is their reasoning as well, I eventually downloaded it as a joke and now I can’t help but spend hours of my life that I will never get back on there.  

According to Hannah Toth, a senior at Orchard Park High School, TikTok is “such a hit and the posts specifically interest you, which makes it a fun app to spend way too much time on. For me, nearly two hours a day.” she stated. 

A large group of teens that use the app have been able to gain quite a large following and platform to make an impact on other people that use the app. The group, all living together in a content-creating house called the Hype House, spread positivity by encouraging everyone to be proud of and embrace what makes them unique. While TikTok is loaded with comedy and dance videos, there is also an immense amount of content put out there about current events. Creators can be found making short, to the point videos about the latest news on the upcoming election and addressing various topics such as environmental and economic issues. 

Madeline Roberts, also a senior at Orchard Park High School, says “TikTok is a place to be informed about current news and events; although it may not be completely accurate, it is the starting place to spark curiosity.” 

Social media drives the lives of so many people around the world. TikTok is indeed the newest trend, but of course with good reason. It is yet another place for social media users to express themselves and their opinions. Everyone communicates their story in different ways. To some people that means sharing pictures through Instagram, to others, it’s through what they write on Twitter and the newest way, sharing through TikTok. 

As many other tweens, teens, and adults would agree, TikTok has become the perfect place to spend hours scrolling through a feed and have a good laugh all at the same time. If you’re late to all the hype, all it takes is a simple download until you’ve met your newest addiction.