Tetris: On the Rise Again

Aiden Jones, Staff Reporter

Lumpty Tetris


Today in high schools, stress and focus are a main point of concern for students.  They can have low attention spans and can always be worried about tasks they need to complete.  Mental health has been a newer and bigger topic in America today. Walking around Orchard Park High School and looking at the Chromebooks every day, you will notice that many people are playing the game Tetris.  This game is a popular game that current high schoolers’ parents played in the 1980s.  

Tetris is a computer game created by a Soviet scientist by the name of Alexey Pajitnov in the year 1984 as a computer application.  This was one of the first computer games made. The goal of the game is to complete four rows with the given pieces and get as many lines possible for your score to go up.  The higher the score the better.
Since the beginning of September, many people have been playing this game and more and more pick it up every day.  Lily Flannery, a senior at Orchard Park High School, described what her life is like with Tetris. “ I play Tetris every day,” Flannery said.  “ I play probably three to four times a day.” Flannery doesn’t feel stress relief when she plays; she just enjoys the game and thinks it’s neat.  “ I just enjoy playing. It’s something new I picked up. Flannery, also being a star shooting guard on the Orchard Park girls’ varsity basketball team, talked about her bus rides and how Tetris has played a part of that.  “ I play before every game and always on long bus rides. I generally save it for the middle of the bus ride and play the game until I get to 3000. Once I hit the score 3000, I stop. It’s kind of a superstition I have.”   Flannery has helped lead the Quakers to the Sectional Finals that will be played on Sunday, March 8 (NOTE:  The girls beat Clarence, 56-52).  

Seventh period Business Law, which is a business class offered by Orchard Park High School,  has many students that are playing Tetris during the class period. Jackson Roskow, another senior at Orchard Park, is a very avid Tetris player.  He plays many times a day and talked about strategy in the game. “ There is a ton of strategy that goes into the game. The speed of the game causes me to think and place my pieces accordingly,”  Roskow said. “ I don’t think people realize how much strategy actually goes into the game.” He also talked about how he coaches his fellow classmates by telling them where to put their pieces and how to play for a high score.  He is just one of the many Tetris players in the class and he notices more and more kids playing everyday.  

Some students take the game seriously, and others, don’t like Hannah Flynn, another senior at Orchard Park.  She talked about how she plays Tetris but doesn’t spend as much time on the game as other students. “ I probably play a total of 15 minutes a day at most.”  Flynn said when asked about how much time she spends on the game. That is equivalent to about one game played. She then went on to talk about how she plays it when she is bored and is trying not to fall asleep at school.  “ I generally play so I don’t zone out because I don’t get nearly enough sleep, and I think I would fall asleep in class if I didn’t do something that requires some focus.”  

Being tired at school can be a problem for many students because they have such late activities at night and simply cannot get enough sleep.  Like Flynn, many other students have something to focus on to keep them awake and give them something to challenge them.  

Ryan Licursi, a senior at Orchard Park, talked about how he brings the game home and plays. “I play on my phone at home all the time,” Licursi said. “I’m not really sure who brought the trend back, but I would say many kids are playing again,” Licursi said when asked about how many people he thinks are playing.  Licursi talked about how he thinks it’s a simple game that everyone can play.  

The game of Tetris is being played all over Orchard Park High School, especially by the senior class.  There are many different platforms that students can play on across the internet, but the popular platform is Lumpty Tetris.  Lumpty Tetris has ten different levels at ten different game speeds and difficulties.  

Being tired and needing to focus seem to be the main reason for the rise of Tetris in Orchard Park High School.  With many games out on the internet for students to access, they are going to choose the one that is simple and less time consuming.  Tetris fits that category and that is why it is on the rise and is played by more and more students every day.