Pulse: Submit Your Creative Work

Hannah Toth, Staff reporter

Pulse, Orchard Park’s Literary Magazine, is looking for creative work from OPHS students to complete its Spring Magazine release. All students are welcome to submit their artwork, poems, short stories, photography, and other prose. With the recent issues involving the virus, Pulse will still be accepting submissions. There’s a limited amount of time, though, as the close for accepting submissions is April 1. The URL to submit is tinyurl.com/pulseophs, and the Pulse email address is [email protected].

For those not familiar, every spring Pulse Literary Magazine takes the best creative work from Orchard Park students and publishes them for anyone interested to purchase at the end of the school year. Pulse is an excellent way for high schoolers to find a creative outlet and to see their work published in a magazine with their name attached is a gratifying feeling. 

“I think there are tons of poets, storytellers, and artists hiding at OPHS,” says club supervisor Ms. Perillo when asked why students should submit to Pulse. “They are writers and artists, whether they know it yet or not, and I think trying their hand at creating something and then sending it to PULSE can help them see their own creative potential.”

Pulse also has an entirely anonymous option when submitting work. This is an excellent option for students today because putting personal artwork out into the world can be a scary feeling, but having the opportunity to remain anonymous gives students a sense of safety. 

“That’s our mission. Creativity is vulnerable; when you share something that came out of you like that, you are putting your mind, your self out on the line for everyone to see. It can be intimidating to be so vulnerable. PULSE is a space where anyone who creates can be heard,” explains Ms. Perillo. 

After submitting, Ms. Perillo and student members will select the best of the submissions to publish. All submissions ranging from photography to short stories find their way into the magazine. Pulse also holds events every month, such as open mics to read stories, poems, and creative workshops to spark some creative energy with other club members. At the end of the year, a book launch is held to celebrate published writers and artists. 

“Through Pulse, I’ve been able to express and explore my passions. Pulse has given me an outlet for my creativity, and because of that, my creativity and skill greatly improves,” claims Rachel Chapuis, when asked about how Pulse has helped her. 

Pulse is an incredibly safe and welcoming space for all students looking to channel their creative passions. Artists, writers, and photographers are all unconsciously waiting for a moment to showcase their work, and for OPHS students, this is it. Submit to Pulse before it’s too late.