Jack Kinsman-Junior Sabres

Aiden Jones, Staff reporter

Jack Kinsman has been playing hockey for the majority of his life.  Both of his parents played Division I hockey for Colgate and Clarkson.  Jack just completed his first season on the Buffalo Junior Sabres and has future plans for hockey.  He will share what he got out of this past season playing on one of the top teams in the nation.  

What was the thought process when you decided you wanted to switch teams and go play for the Junior Sabres?

Kinsman: I wanted to go and play college hockey and when the opportunity presented itself with the Junior Sabres, I thought it would be the best chance I had at playing college hockey.

What was the hardest part of making a decision to switch teams?

Kinsman: The hardest part of making the decision was leaving my friends and not being able to play for my school.  Playing Fed games in front of your entire school is a great atmosphere, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Did you know many people when you first signed with the Junior Sabres?

Kinsman: I only knew two people, Josh Higgins and Drew Doran from school.  It was a struggle to meet people at first.

What was different training-wise when you got to the Junior Sabres, compared with past teams?

Kinsman: The training was a lot different from other teams.  We worked out twice a week and we were on the ice almost every day.

What was your best win of the season, and why?

Kinsman: Our best win of the season was against Rochester Coalition because we needed to win that game to qualify for States.  They were the number three-ranked team in the country, and we beat them in overtime.

What off-ice activities did you enjoy doing with the team?

Kinsman: I enjoyed going out to eat and bus rides with the teams to our tournaments.  When you spend that much time with a group of people, you become a family.

What was the toughest thing you had to overcome with this team?

Kinsman: The toughest thing I had to overcome was being new and having to meet new people.  Most of the kids on the team had known each other since they were little.

What were your expectations going into States?

Kinsman: Our expectations were to cross over and play on the state semis and finals.

What was your reaction when States were supposed to be without spectators?

Kinsman: I was upset because one of the best parts of hockey is the people screaming in a condensed area.  It creates a great atmosphere, and you play better.

What was your reaction when States were completely canceled because of the deadly CoVid-19 virus?

Kinsman: I was really upset because we worked super hard to get to this point, and we had no closure on the season.

What is something you are going to miss with the team?

Kinsman: I’m going to miss the laughs in the locker room, the bus rides, and the road trips.

What are your plans for next season?

Kinsman: I’m planning on playing hockey and deferring from college for a year or two.

 Jack Kinsman was upset that States were canceled.  He had a great first season on the Buffalo Junior Sabres.  It was a very different experience playing on one of the top teams in the nation.  He is very excited about what the future holds.