What track athletes are doing in quarantine


Jason Kincaid, Sports editor

With each passing day it grows more and more likely that I won’t be able to have my senior track season. While this is one of the most disappointing things I have to come to terms with, I know I’m more lucky than other seniors with spring seasons cancelled. I was still able to get two seasons of running with cross country and indoor track ,which ended with being a part of a section championship for Orchard Park. 

What we’re going through right now may discourage some athletes and take away motivation to stay in shape and practice. I would like to share what I’ve been doing to stay in track shape. For the first few weeks of quarantine, I’m sticking with my normal track mileage of about 35-40 miles a week. To do this I have to run about 5-6 days a week. My easy days consist of running 6 miles either at Chestnut Ridge Park or the Orchard Park village with the pace being a comfortable 7:00 or 7:10 per mile. One day a week is a longer run of about eight or nine miles at a similar speed. Easy runs and mileage are a great way to maintain endurance; however, as a mid distance(800 meter) specialist I have to make sure to dedicate at least two days to speed workouts. One of these days is a pure speed day, which would consist of intervals like 200 meter or 400 meter repeats, where the goal is to hit the repeats faster than race pace. The second type of speed workout I do is about speed maintenance. These workouts are slower, but still fast, and much longer than a pure speed day. There’s more variation I can do with these workouts like mile or 1000 m repeats, tempo runs, or fartlek (change of pace) runs. For me, it’s the speed maintenance days that are the most difficult. I am lucky enough to get extra motivation to continue running because I am committed to running cross country and track at St. John Fisher.