The Outsiders- Forever a Classic


Lauren Lisowski, Staff reporter

The movie “The Outsiders” came out on March 25, 1983.  This movie was an adaptation of the popular 1967 novel written by S. E. Hinton.  This movie is a classic with the main storyline of the “socs” (the rich kids) and the “greasers” (the poor boys) clashing with each other in the same town.  If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Stay gold, Ponyboy” you know this movie.

“The Outsiders” is a classic to everyone because it has been a steady feature on middle school reading lists for years.  As well as teachers playing the movie at the end of the novel for students.  This movie shows the gritty and ongoing warfare of the socs and greasers.  The moral of the movie is money does not determine what friends a person can have.  The socs pick on the greasers and are constantly starting fights with them as well as the other way around.  This is because they are too immature to realize that just because a person is born into a higher or lower class family does not mean they cannot be friends.  Ponyboy realizes that they are not so different, if only they could all see that.  The greasers teach an important lesson of what it is like to live in the low class.  Not only do they get attacked and bullied by the upper class (socs), but they also abuse and neglect from their parents at home.  The characters in the movie drink, smoke, fight, and even commit murder.  This shows the importance of having people at home who care about their children making sure they do not get involved in activities like these.  

The movie begins the feud between the two social classes while they are at a drive-in movie.  The Curtis brothers and their pack are greasers who smoke endless amounts of cigarettes and are constantly looking for trouble.  After the drive-in, Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade run into a pack of the socs.  Of course, a fight breaks out, causing Johnny to stab one of the socs.  After this, Dallas, their father figure, because he is the oldest of the group, tells them to hide out in an abandoned church.  Little do they know many disastrous events have already begun to unfold.   Some of these tragic events include Ponyboy starting the church on fire with his cigarette, the socs killing Bob (a greaser), Johnny and Dally (Dallas) getting killed, Bob Sheldon (a soc) getting killed, and many other events. 

This movie is rated a 4.5/5 to my standards.  This movie sends out an important message of not knowing what someone is going through in their home life and trying to respect everyone no matter their status in wealth.  This movie has stayed a classic for this many years because it has a great storyline allowing readers of all ages to stay interested, as well as teaching many important lessons.