Why Titanic is Worth Another Watch

Why Titanic is Worth Another Watch


Sam Smith, Staff reporter

With all of the chaos going around due to the “stay at home” order, lots of people are trying to find new movies or television shows to binge. Although it may seem like the newer movies you haven’t seen before are more entertaining to watch, this is not always the case. 

Classic movies like The Godfather, The Wizard of Oz, and Forrest Gump are all great every time you see them. One movie that particularly stands out in the “movies definitely worth rewatching” category is Titanic.

Sure, pretty much every living and breathing human knows the story and has seen the movie, but watching it again at an older age is the best way to capture the true meaning of the underlying story within the film. 

Titanic used to seem like a classic love story movie, but there is so much more besides that involved. Perseverance, freedom, and acceptance of others are all some of the most meaningful themes of the film. 

The movie starts with thousands of people boarding the infamous ship in Europe to sail to America. The ship is separated by class. Rose is in the highest possible position she could be, and Jack is in the lowest. Rose feels stuck in her life. She feels like all she can do is follow what her mother and fiance tell her. She is about to take her own life when she meets Jack. He saves her from jumping off the ship.

Though it took some time, Jack and Rose fall in love with each other. Even though Jack has no money or social benefits, Rose accepts him for who he is and feels free when she is with him. 

Leonardo Dicaprio stars as Jack Dawson in the 1997 film directed by James Cameron. The role of Jack set Dicaprio’s acting career off. Leonardo Dicaprio plays Jack incredibly. He makes viewers feel attached to the character and has a phenomenal performance throughout the entire movie. Rose is played by Kate Winslet. She gives an amazing performance as Rose. Winslet tells the story of the Titanic so well through the entire film and her character’s development is inspirational to all who watch.

James Cameron is also famous for directing the Avatar movies. Titanic is easily the better film directed by Cameron. The way he brings viewers into the story and makes them feel like a part of it is much more prominent in Titanic than Avatar.

Like all other classic movies that everyone has seen, Titanic is timeless. Rewatching the film gives viewers the ability to become more a part of the story and take more out of it, and it is definitely worth looking into watching again.