PowderPuff 2021: Tradition Continues

Vivian Mutty, News/Opinion Editor

The annual Orchard Park High School PowderPuff occurred for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic to commemorate the end of Homecoming week. The game is meant to be a fun way for friends to play on a team together and to provide entertainment for the community and student body. Orchard Park is known for having some of the best athletic teams in Western New York so it was not surprising to observe the turnout. Girls from the lacrosse, soccer, cross country, and gymnastics teams came together to attend 4 practices that would prepare them for the big game. Practices ran smoothly due to the dedication of the coaches and no major injuries were noted. The players decided on neon as the theme for the juniors and Orchard Park colors for the seniors. This made for quite a colorful night on the field and was the perfect finish to a well-participated spirit week at school. 

Following the pep rally, the girls commenced with the game and the juniors embarked on an aggressive game plan. However, their plays were no match for the senior girls who scored the first touchdown of the night. For their first time playing in a PowderPuff game, the seniors showed up with their game faces and continued to score touchdowns. This only seemed to empower the junior players to motivate each other to play with confidence. Running Back Rosalie Tackasy scored the first touchdown for the junior girls resulting in prideful cheers from the junior student section. Though the sun had set, the game was getting heated as the third quarter began. With encouragement from coaches to score more points, the juniors rallied together and scored a second touchdown. The girls still trailed the seniors by a whopping 13 points and it was looking grim for the junior class. The suspense built as the clock counted down the seconds of the final quarter.

As per tradition, the senior girls scored a final touchdown in the last seven minutes of the game and advanced their lead significantly. With cries of victory, the seniors flooded the field and celebrated their accomplishment. Though the junior players lost the game, they managed to leave the field with heads held high in anticipation for next year’s game. The players can only improve as the year progresses and the 2022 game will certainly be one to keep on the calendar.

As the week came to an end, students were grateful to enjoy a more normal high school homecoming. The student body would like to offer thanks to the coaches for PowderPuff, organizers of the pep rally, and all other staff and community members who helped to make Homecoming week special. Here’s to hoping for a healthy 2022 Homecoming week! Until next year.