Ask a teacher…

How has a student shown you kindness?  How did it affect you?

Mr. Norvilitis, math teacher

“I have had many students just ask me questions about my day, my weekend, or my life.  Usually, it’s the other way around.  That really means a lot to me.”


Ms. Rodemeyer, English teacher & The Voice adviser

“This may sound silly, but I really appreciate the day-to-day stuff that I think kids do without really thinking. I truly appreciate when I set something on kids’ desks and they say “Thank you” even when it’s a test.  It bums me out when the bell rings and I’m yelling good-byes and no one responds.  I really appreciate when the kids say “Good bye” or “Have a nice weekend” back–or even better, unsolicited.”




Mrs. Maciejewski, math teacher

“Back when we first went into shut down, I started sending out personal emails to my students to stay connected and check in with them. It helped during such a time of isolation and kept a good number engaged when we did continue some instruction. A win for me as the educator, but the bigger win came when in the following years a couple of those students turned the favor around and emailed me sporadically “just to check in” and see if I was doing ok.  They were some of the sweetest notes of caring I’ve gotten.”

Mrs. Williams, English teacher

“I feel like my students are kind to me every day (asking how my day is, saying hello in the hall, wishing me a nice rest of my day/weekend, etc).  Those small gestures, to me, are very meaningful because they express a cordiality and warmth that enhances the classroom environment for all of us!”



Mrs. Rominger, science teacher

“The simplest but most impactful kindness that is expressed by so many students is the warm ‘good mornings’ and the sincere ‘thank you, have a great days’ that are shared with me each day!”




“Sophia C. drew me a beautiful picture that I was able to hand in my classroom. It made me feel appreciated. I look at it every day and remember her kind gesture. It is a great way to start my morning..”



“Once or twice this semester, a student in my 5th period Economics class has brought me a Tim Hortons coffee. Made me realize that this student is very kind and generous with money.  Such a nice gesture.” -Mr. Hillegas, social studies teacher


Mrs. Bastedo, English teacher


“A couple of years ago, the temperatures were BRUTAL in my classroom. One of my students asked me, as she entered the room, how I was feeling. I replied, “other than I feel like I’m melting, life is good!” A few periods later, she returned from open campus and brought me a frosty from Wendy’s. “I just wanted to do my part to cool you down a bit!” she said! It was such a thoughtful treat! And it worked!!”