Gratitude is Mindfulness!


Anastasiya Varian, Entertainment Editor

To most people, to be grateful means to be aware of the blessings and positive things in their lives. This means that when you have a free minute in the day, you think about small things that went well recently, despite some possible challenges you’re going through. This also means being grateful for your parents and other wonderful people that surround you, since they could be taken away at any moment. Gratitude’s importance increases as we edge towards the end of the year, since many might feel overwhelmed with extra assignments or review sessions in preparation for the upcoming exams. Mindfulness will help you stay calm and productive, since you will realize that there are many more positive and uplifting people and things in your life than you might see at first. Today, therefore, try to take a step back and be mindful of not only the bad, but good, too, and let people you care about know how grateful you are for them.