Spread Gratitude this Thanksgiving Season

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 Simple Gratitude

It’s easy to forget to be grateful for all that we have; more often we choose to focus on all that we don’t have. It’s important, however, to sometimes take a step back, slow down, and appreciate the people that mean the most to us, since, at the end of the day, true happiness is not possible without them.  

As Thanksgiving is approaching, we encourage you to let your loved ones know that they are loved and cared for. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as, getting up a little earlier than usual to make breakfast for your family, giving a simple note to someone, saying  “thank you for always being there for me,” or just asking your parents or siblings how their days went. Other ways to show others that you care are: cleaning the house without being asked to, telling someone that they are a very good friend, inviting someone to hangout, or even asking a teacher if they need help with anything. The possibilities are endless. 

All of these acts of gratitude are simple and quick, but they will surely make the person’s day, since knowing that you are loved and appreciated is one of the best feelings. Show that you’re grateful!

-Anastasiya Varian, Entertainment Editor


Have a Better Attitude: Show Some Gratitude

Showing appreciation for loved ones can come in many forms. Whether it’s thanking a parent for a meal or a boss for a raise, showing humility and gratuity is a respectable human characteristic. Though the Thanksgiving season is upon us, it is imperative that we remember that gratitude is not seasonal. It is necessary to celebrate your successes while acknowledging those who helped you along your way. The Voice has derived an acronym for you to follow this holiday season to maintain an appreciative attitude: TURKEY.


T- Take time to appreciate your family and the positive impact they have on your life.

U- Understand your abilities to help others in need.

R- Recognize and be grateful for your access to resources that others may lack.

K- Keep in mind those who supported you to achieve your goals.

E- Encourage your friends and loved ones to know their own worth.

Y- Yourself! Be grateful for you and all you contribute to the world.


However you may celebrate this time off from school, allow yourself to remember those who came before you and how you can show appreciation and gratitude. 


– Vivian Mutty, News/Opinion Editor


What is gratitude?

Gratitude can quite literally be defined as “the quality of being thankful” and the “readiness to show appreciation,” but that would be viewing it from a more literal angle. It isn’t merely limited to a reaction to a kind deed or expressing your thanks for a gift or a compliment. It’s a way of life defined by one’s positive outlook and the choice to view every day as a blessing, while also being appreciative of the things often taken for granted. 

Finding at least one way to be grateful can have severe positive impacts on your life. Gratitude is proven to improve self esteem, sleep, and overall health. By taking just a few seconds to reflect on the simple things, such as getting out of bed, being able to go to school, or having reliable friends, you can improve your entire day by acknowledging nothing is as bad as it seems, despite the way your day is going so far. Focusing on the good in your life, no matter how big or how small, will have much better effects on your overall mood.

Why is gratitude so important? Aside from the more personal benefits of gratitude, it’s incredibly important for getting the most you possibly can out of life. Gratitude is a social emotion, one we often express with friends and family, and helps to create a positive atmosphere with those around us. It highlights the positivity that is always lurking if we choose to seek it out, and makes all parties involved feel great about themselves, whether you’re giving or receiving gratitude. With that being said, better interactions with other people allow for more opportunities, excitement, and happiness. Celebrating gratitude is one of the most important ways to search for the good and reap the many benefits life has to offer.

How can you practice gratitude? A simple method can be writing a few things you’re grateful for in a gratitude journal to block out negativity and start the day off right. You can also count your blessings without the help of pen and paper by stepping away  from your life for a short period of time to really think about what you’re grateful for. No matter how you go about expressing gratitude and your thankfulness towards the world, it’s sure to bring you happiness and positivity. 


-Olivia Saeli, Sports Editor


A Thank You Note


Dear Custodians,


When thinking about those who I am thankful for, you come to mind. I think about you taking care of our school, cleaning the messes we make and sanitizing every surface to keep us healthy. Your hard work makes me feel grateful. Thank you to those who are here early in the morning and late at night. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated! Thank you for keeping our staff and students safe, especially during this uncertain time. Your work means a lot to me and everyone else in the building; I’m so glad I can feel comfortable in a clean environment. Thank you!


-Mia Pandža, Editor-in-Chief