Tom Brady is the Best Quarterback in the NFL

Tanner Ambrosio, Staff Reporter

The very well known quarterback Tom Brady has been dominating the NFL for many years now, and is still the best quarterback in it. The numbers put up by him are remarkable and deserve to be seen and appreciated for the skill he holds. 

The weekend of January 15 was the Wild Card weekend for the NFL playoffs, leading the top teams to compete in order to move onto the next round. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went up against the Philadelphia Eagles for their first game. Domination is the word I would use to describe the outcome of the game. The final score of the game was 31 to 15 with the Buccaneers having the higher score. 

This wouldn’t have been possible without Tom Brady on their team. He puts on a show every game and has the numbers to prove it. Brady is number one in postseason passing yards at a whopping number of 12,449 yards (ESPN), he has the most postseason passing touchdowns at 83, and has the most postseason single game passing yards in buccaneers history at 381 yards. These are just a couple of his records already showing the great skill he has to offer. 

Another star quarterback seen in the NFL in the Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes who also put up impressive numbers this season. Even though they were impressive, they are still beaten by Tom Brady’s stats this season. For the 21-22 regular season, Mahomes sits at 4839 passing yards, while Brady stands at 5316, almost a 500 yard difference. Mahomes is also beat in touchdowns as he has 37, while Brady is at 43 (CBS Sports).

Without Tom Brady, I don’t think the Buccaneers would be where they are today. His unmatched skills that he brings to the NFL are too great to be passed up. The stats show the truth that Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL.