Jameson Zelasko on His Passion of Music Festivals

Aquinnah Zelasko, Staff Reporter

Jameson Zelasko travels North America chasing music festivals. Zelasko goes to many festivals each year with his friends. This interview shows his passion for it and why you should go to one too. 

How many music festivals have you been to?

JZ: I went to my first festival in Toronto in the summer of 2016.  Since then I have been to the Veld music festival two more times. I have also been to the Electric Forest festival in Michigan twice. This past summer I went to Northcoast fest in Chicago and Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas. I will also be going to Haunted Fest this Halloween weekend.

How far have you traveled for a music festival?

JZ: The farthest I’ve traveled for a music festival was Las Vegas.

What is your favorite festival so far and why?

JZ: “Life is Beautiful” in Las Vegas has been my favorite festival so far because of the incredible line up and also the city that it was held in was a lot of fun. There was so much going on and never a dull moment. 

What was your least favorite festival and why?

JZ: My least favorite festival was my second year at Electric Forest because I did not like the camping situation very much. Although it was fun, it was also a hassle. Other than that, I enjoyed all of them.

What is different about a music festival from just a normal concert?

JZ: To start, at festivals there are several stages and artists instead of just one. Because of this they are longer than normal concerts, often lasting 2-3 days. There are many other differences between music festivals and normal concerts. One other difference is the way people dress at festivals; it is very different from a regular concert. At festivals people dress in crazy, colorful costumes, with glitter and masks. There is a sense of anything goes and no judgment, so people go all out. Along with that idea, people are unusually kind at these festivals. It is one of the easiest places to talk to strangers I’ve ever been too. Everyone is so happy during these festivals. 

Where do you stay during these festivals?

JZ: It depends on the type of festival. For electric first there were camping grounds that everyone stayed on. For the festivals in Toronto and Chicago we stayed in a hotel near the venue. And for Las Vegas we rented an AirBnb that was about 10 minutes from downtown Las Vegas where the festival was held.

What is the average day like during the festival?

JZ: Wake up excited. Get a big meal with your friends. Go back, start to get ready and listen to the music and get nice and hydrated. Before you go to the festival you look at the set times and plan out what stages you need to be at and at what time in order to see your favorite artists. Then Uber or public transport to the venu. Once inside, fill up your water and have fun!

What type of festival do you go to? What kind of music?

JZ: The festivals I go to are primarily EDM (electronic dance music) focused. But often there are also hip hop, and indie artists there as well. Festivals are fun because they bring a great mix of artists together.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

JZ: My favorite artists that I’ve seen perform are Flume, Tame Impala, Glass Animals and Martin Garrix.

Do you prefer to go to festivals that are inside or outside? Why?

JZ: Outside festivals are more fun, I have never been to an indoor festival but I have heard from my friends that they are not as much fun.

What is the longest festival you have been to?

JZ: Electric Forest, we showed up on Thursday night expecting to set up camp, not knowing that there were artists performing. We went to the festival every day until we left Monday morning.

What other aspects do you enjoy about the festival?

JZ: I love meeting new people at festivals, I always end up making new friends. Often there are themes at these festivals, with paid actors and entertainment all around. 

What is the best experience you have had at a music festival?

JZ: My favorite was when Martin Garrix closed the Veld festival in Toronto, it was the most intense set I’ve experienced.

What are some music festivals you wish to go to in the future? Why?

JZ: Tomorrowland in Belgium, and Ultra Miami. They are some of the largest and most popular festivals in the world.

Is there anything you want people to know about festivals?

I think they are a great time and a great way to let loose. Even if you don’t think it would be your cup of tea, everyone should try to experience at least one festival in their lifetime.

What is your favorite food?

JZ: My favorite food is chicken Parmesan. 

Jameson Zelasko has a very strong passion for music festivals and will continue his travels to each one and experience many new, different things.