OP Tennis Geared Up for Sectionals

William Roberts, Staff Reporter

The success of Quaker Tennis is unlike any other. This year, the team finished with an 11-1 record and clinched a league title. The 2021 team is young, featuring three seniors, two juniors, five sophomores, two freshmen, and one seventh-grader. To start the lineup there is Brennan Hart-Nova who has been playing first singles for the team all season. Though he has battled injuries, he has been a constant player for the team. Next is Tyler Hernandez, who has played second singles in a dominant fashion. Third singles is commonly played by junior Joey McBride, who uses his experience and speed to overcome the competition. Overall the team is prepared for now and the future. The roster is rounded out with six others who have played exhibition sets throughout the year. Next year the team will feature one returning senior which gives the team a great chance to learn and grow together. 

Starting on June sixth, the team began their quest for a sectional team title. In years past, the section has permitted only individuals to compete in both singles and doubles tournaments. However, this year section six will perform the team tournament format before it officially becomes a team state tournament next year. The bracket features Orchard Park as the one seed with highly seeded Lancaster and Clarence on the opposite side of the bracket. This bracket contains 10 large schools and 16 small schools will compete in their own bracket. The Quakers hope to wrap up their season on a high note, with wins when it counts the most.